Thursday, 22 May 2014

To the end

The Final

The struggle that i have face in this project
Don't know what really can do at the first time. At first i thought it is just easy to do in this project, just design the whole bus stop will do, but Dr.Nurul asked us how about the budget? then we realise that the budget is RM2244, we are in the time and have no idea how to solve the problem

In this project my group member is also my friend, so i am struggle because i try my best not to scold her or etc.. i am a diploma student i also have my expectation on this project, and my group member not really used to the software(illustration, photoshop), I am struggle whether want to give her do the illustration, but in the end i let her handle some of the parts, and i think she really try her best to do it, and she improved a lot.

Teamwork Communication
Sometimes I don't really understand what my member are talking about, especially when we chat in the facebook inbox.

Memorable and Fun moments
Thanks Dr. Nurul give us this project. We know each other better when we gone through this Happiness Project, and we talk alot about ghost stories, happy to see the outcome when we are doing the prototype. We also are very excited when we share some of the ghost stories with others, its really fun and memorable.

How do you think this Happiness Project can give to Georgetown, Penang?
This is not only promote our festival and is also bring happiness to all people. People might be curious what is this all about, what is Chinese Ghost Festival, it has a very interesting behind story about Chinese Ghost Festival. In our survey we know that nowadays people love mysterious  thing, especially GHOST, many people are scare but yet they are very interested to know it. And why we are using comic style and not horror style to designed it? Because horror don’t give happiness right? And comic style is cute and also can send the message about Chinese Ghost Festival to everyone. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

bus station mock up

The bus station mock up done from me and my group member 

The progress of the mock up 

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Sketches of the Chinese Ghost Festival character, try to do colour and black and white.

The poster design...

Friday, 11 April 2014


Sketching.....for the bus stop in Georgetown Penang, try to sketch out the festival and some character by using comic style